Complementary Currencies/BoK EN - Relevant Players and Experts

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Arkel, Henk Van – Director at STRO. Initiator of C3 networks in Southern America and author of several books on new economics.

Cahn, Edgar – Initiator and inventor of Time-Dollars in the USA. Also author of several books on CC

Croft, John – Consultant in ecology and sustainable community economic development. Co-Founder of the Gaia Foundation Western-Australia. Previously project officer at the Australian Department of Local Government and Regional Development.

DeMeulenare, Stephen – Initiator of a complementary currency in Bali. Also administrator of [1] and [2]. Former employee of STRO.

Gatch, Loren – US Professor in the Political Sciences and Political Economy at University of Central Oklahoma. Specialist on Local Currencies .

Greco, Thomas – American Professor of Business and Director of the Community Information Resource Center. Expert on banking, finance, money and community currencies. Author of several books on CC. Involved in establishing ‘Tucson Traders’. Initiator of

Lietaer, Bernard A. – Professor and former Director at the Central Bank of Belgium, co-responsible for the development of the ECU and proponent of complementary currencies. Initiator of [3]

Linton, Michael – Inventor and Initiator of the Comox Valley Local Exchange Trading System, the predecessor of all LETS worldwide. Inventor of the Community Way currency cycle and initiator of an open-source currency.

Primavera, Heloisa Helena – Co-Founder of the Red Global de Trueque (Global Exchange Network); a mutual credit complementary currency in Latin America and Argentine in particular.

Ramada, Camilo – C3 product manager of Brazil (Compras) and Uruguay. Author and co-author on complementary currencies.

Stodder, James – Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Known for his research on the effects of the WIR on the Swiss economy.

Wallach, David –IRTA President of Global Board of Directors.

Whitney, Ron – IRTA Executive director

Witt, Susan – Interim Executive Director of New Economics Institute. Former Executive Director of the E.F. Schumacher Society. Co-Founder of Berkshares, Massachusetts.


Boyle, David – British Journalist and author on economics, business, environment and complementary currencies in particular.

Booth, Becky – Director of SPICE program in the UK.

Douthwaite, Richard – Journalist and author of several books on complementary currencies and new sustainable economics. Initiator of the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability (Feasta) in Ireland.

Dyson, Tris – Executive Director of SPICE; a Time Bank initiative in the UK.

Gelleri, Christian – Initiator of Chiemgauer (Regiogeld) in Prien, Germany together with six of his students.

Godschalk, Dr. Hugo – Consultant in the area of cashless payment systems. Proponent and author on complementary currencies and alternative economics. Co-founder of MonNetA (Money Network Alliance); a network assisting in the development and implementation of complementary currencies.

Kennedy, Margrit – Author of several books on complementary currencies and new economics, and involved in establishing Regiogeld in Germany. Co-founder of MonNetA.

North, Peter – UK Scientist at Liverpool University and writer of a book on Transition Currencies

Rogers, John – UK Expert and trainer/consultant on implementing complementary currencies.

Ryan-Collins, Josh – Researcher on monetary reform and complementary currencies at the New Economics Foundation (NEF); a think-and-do tank in the field of sustainable economics. Ryan Collins was founding member of the Brixton Pound and is currently Ph.D. candidate at CSERGE; Center for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment.

Schröder, Rolf F.H. - German expert on German complementary currencies. Editor and administrator of [4].

Seyfang, Dr. Gill – Senior research associate in CSERGE, University of East Anglia, Norwich. Studying community currencies, sustainable local development, microfinance and the social economy.

Smets, Walther – Founder of the RES; a commercial barter in Belgium.

Szabo, Dorottya – IRTA President Europe. Also president of barter Hungary.

The Netherlands

Adriaanse, Sjaak – Initiator of [5]; providing an overview of information and initiatives available on monetary economics and complementary currencies in particular. Secretary of Stichting CENt.

Boele, Erik – Innovator at New Tribes civil society projects aimed at social sustainability, volunteering, care provision and time banking in the care sector in particular. Initiator of [6].

Hilten, Rob Van – Initiator of Qoin (Barter), Noppes (LETS), Amstelnet, Barataria, Nu-Spaarpas in the Netherlands, and affiliated to IRTA. Senior representative of STRO.

Kampers, Edgar – Initiator of Qoin, Noppes, Amstelnet, Barataria, Nu-Spaarpas in the Netherlands and senior representative of STRO.

Migchels, Anthony – Initiator of the ‘Gelre Handelsnetwerken’; a regiogeld program in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Supervisory board of Stichting CENt.

Riele, Harry te– Independent consultant in the field of sustainability, innovation, monetary economics and social currencies. Project manager at Dutch Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Steenbergen, Martien Van – Trainer, consultant and initiator of [7] (a Wiki on complementary currencies and monetary economics).