New Capitalism

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New Capitalism
Auteur(s): Antonia Swinson
Taal: Engels
Type: Artikel
Trefwoorden: geld, kapitalisme, LETS
Pagina's: onbekend
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If as Conrad Russell believed, true Liberalism is the politics of ordinary people controlling the powerful, then finding ways to rein in the forces of global capitalism holds a certain allure.

Too often feelings of financial inadequacy, even among professional people, blind us to a simple truth: that though capitalism succeeds because it has proved superior to socialism, nevertheless like all living organisms, its rules are not fixed as economists would have us believe, but must adapt and evolve to survive. So at a time when conventional capitalism is reaching dinosaur levels of excess and self absorption, the good news is, that out there in the undergrowth, lurks a new species of capitalism which could transform the City. An animal which instead of eating people for breakfast, instead thrives on the rich diet of mutual self help and cooperative advantage, which originally nourished 19thC Liberalism. Welcome to a fine new beastie - Open Capitalism.

To convey just how evolutionary dynamic Open Capitalism is, let’s ask a silly question. How do you raise money?